How to get remote access to PC files by ip address  

If someone asks you whether or not you need access to your files from remote PC from web browser, you will possibly give a negative answer. In spite of the fact, that this task arises rather often. For example, you are going to a business trip. Usually you don’t have a lot of time to take all necessary documents. And most important project files, presentations and so on are left on hard disk of your office or home computer (that usually stays switched on during a whole day). Unpleasant situation, but there is a solution. We show it to you a little later.

Getting remote access to file is necessary for you not only when you are away. Sometimes it is required to transfer file(s) (mentioned above projects, presentations, sources and so on) to other person, but e-mail is not convenient (big files should be splitted, and you always have to check whether recipient’s box is not full). Sending only address where resources are stored with username and password is more suitable, and your partners can at any time retrieve these files from your computer through usual web browser. We think, you can imagine many other situations, when direct downloading documents from remote PC by web browser is the only (or the most comfortable) solution. And My Remote Files program can provide you required means.

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At first, you need to download My Remote Files' setup file from this link. After easy installation, start program by double clicking its icon on desktop.

You will see the main window.

At the top there are the following useful fields: Computer ip, port number and URL of login page. Computer ip is ip address of PC where My Remote Files is running. URL of login page is the address you should type in the address bar of your web browser to navigate to login page. URL of login page together with username and password are the only things you need to know to connect successfully to your remote computer. My Remote Files automatically determines URL, thus simplifying its configuration.

To allow someone to download or upload files to your PC, you need to create user profile. To do so, go to User Account Manager from main page and click 'Create new user account' link. On new page type user name and password, choose disk or/and folders that user will later access. After that click 'Create'. You may create in the same way as many users as you like.

After that it is time to start server. It’s done from main page. Until you start it, no one can connect to computer.

That’s all. You may test the program. Open your favorite web browser. My Remote Files supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera. In the address bar type URL of login page. When browser asks, accept server certificate. Web browser will communicate with the program by secure connection (https). Thanks to it, transmitted data can not be viewed by anyone except you. Enter user name and password the same, you typed in User Account Manager. After successful login, you can get remote access to your files. To use program without functional limitations please visit our online store to buy a license.

These are the necessary basics to work with My Remote Files. Beside them, the program can track connections, keep log file, block listed IPs. My Remote Files is regularly improved and set of additional features is continuously enlarged.

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